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Dr. Eric Klinenberg

Dr. Eric Klinenberg is a professor of sociology and director of the Institute for Public Knowledge at New York University, and also is an acclaimed author. His 2012 book, "Going Solo," examines the most significant demographic shift since the Baby Boom — the sharp increase in the number of people who are living alone. Klinenberg hones in on why so many people are choosing to live on their own, and examines the social challenges and economic opportunities. Solo living, he argues, is the biggest modern social transformation we've failed to name or identify. He will share observations from that book and his book "Heat Wave," which looks at the future of cities in the age of climate change.

Dr. Klinenberg is a lively speaker who has appeared on Bill Maher's show and This American Life, and written for Rolling Stone, among others.

Dr. Elliot Eisenberg

Dr. Elliot Eisenberg is a nationally acclaimed economist and public speaker specializing in making economics fun, relevant and educational. Dr. Eisenberg earned a B.A. in economics with first class honors from McGill University in Montreal, as well as a master's degree and Ph.D. in public administration from Syracuse University. Eisenberg is the chief economist for GraphsandLaughs, LLC, an economic consultancy that serves a variety of clients across the United States. He writes a syndicated column and authors a daily 70 word commentary on the economy that is available at

Dr. Eisenberg has spoken to hundreds of business groups and associations, often as keynote speaker on topics including: economic forecasts, economic impact of industries such as homebuilding and tourism, consequences of government regulation, strategic business development and other current economic issues. Dr. Eisenberg has been invited to testify before lawmakers and is often asked to comment on proposed legislation. His research and opinions have been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Bureau of National Affairs, Forbes, Fortune, and many other publications. He is a regularly featured guest on cable news programs, talk and public radio.

Dr. Eisenberg was formerly a senior economist with the National Association of Home Builders in Washington, D.C. He is the creator of the multifamily stock index (the first nationally recognized index to track the total return of public firms principally involved in the ownership and management of apartments), the author of more than 85 articles, serves on the Expert Advisory Board of Mortgage Market Guide and is a regular consultant to several large real estate professional associations, hedge funds and investment advisory groups.

Dr. Cheryl Young

Dr. Cheryl Young is a senior economist with Trulia where she examines how housing policy affects local housing markets and general housing trends. Prior to Trulia, she financed, developed and conducted research on affordable housing across the globe. She began her career as a project manager for New York City's Department of Housing Preservation and Development before moving to India to help catalyze private sector participation in affordable housing development. Most recently, she was a consultant with the World Bank's Urban Development Unit where she developed national strategies impacting housing policy and urban competitiveness.

Dr. Young holds a BA in Urban Studies from Columbia University, an MA in Public Policy from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, and a PhD in City and Regional Planning from the University of California, Berkeley.

Chef Jeff Henderson

Chef Jeff Henderson discovered his passion and gift for cooking in a most unlikely place-prison. Now an award-winning chef, bestselling author and Food Network television star, he is one of the most influential role models in the country. Drawing from his personal journey of redemption—from imprisoned drug dealer to renowned celebrity chef and TV star—he provides audiences with inspiration, real life strategies and unique life lessons to help others reboot their own dreams, expand their perspective and gain a new foothold on the ladder to success.

Chef Jeff is the creator of the Food Network's reality series, "The Chef Jeff Project," the host of "Family Style with Chef Jeff," and the star of the popular current series, "Flip My Food with Chef Jeff," in which he meets with guests from across the country and teaches them how to "flip" their favorite dishes and guilty food pleasures into healthier culinary masterpieces.

The bestselling author of two books, his most recent, "If You Can See It, You Can Be It" outlines his 12 street-smart recipes for success, helping readers discover their hidden business aptitudes, make life-changing decisions and strive for new levels of personal and professional success.

From effectively harnessing adversity to identifying one's own personal gifts, Chef Jeff reveals his unique life lessons and real life roadmap to reinvention as he takes audiences through his journey of redemption from the streets to the stove.

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